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PS5 • Too soon?

I’ve been a Playstation owner since the first console but it’s been a long time since the justification for upgrading was the difference between 32 and 64-bit graphics. These days, I find myself looking at new consoles release with a bit of ennui as the value becomes less distinguished.

Final Fantasy VII Remake just came out, I’m still playing Jedi Fallen Order, and I still haven’t finished Persona 5 — but PS5 has Spider-Man: Miles Morales. It’s become obvious that despite the obligatory spec detail, Sony knows the graphics upgrades don’t mean as much to the average consumer anymore.

Seriously y’all, if black Spider-Man was not exclusive to the new console — I would not give a fuck. The overlap between game releases and consoles conflict greatly with usage.

Don’t even get me started on shelf space. If the PS5 isn’t backwards compatible with games I’m still playing $499 is a hard sell. I’ll be keeping an eye on their Top 100 PS4 games that already work on the new hardware.

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